Corrosion-Resistant Carbon Fiber Bars

Corrosion-Resistant Carbon Fiber Bars


   Product Description 


   Pultruded carbon fiber strip and bar offer extremely high strength and stiffness because they contain 95%

   unidirectional carbon fiber running longitudinally. Pultruded strip and bar are ideal for scale aircraft, gliders,

    musical instrument construction or any project that requires strength, rigidity and lightness.


    Features of Carbon fiber bars


1. High Strength to weight ratio

2. Rigidity

3. Corrosion resistance

4. Electrical Conductivity

5. Fatigue Resistance

6. Good tensile strength but Brittle

7. Fire Resistance/Not flammable

8. High Thermal Conductivity in some forms

9. Low coefficient of thermal expansion

10. Non poisonous

11. Biologically inert

12. X-Ray Permeable

13. Self Lubricating

14. Excellent EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Shielding Property

15. Relatively Expensive

16. Requires specialized experience and equipment to use.

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