Customized Carbon Fiber Tube

Customized Carbon Fiber Tube


Product Description 


Pultruded carbon fiber tubes offer extremely high strength and stiffness because they contain 95%

unidirectional carbon fiber running longitudinally. Pultruded strip and bar are ideal for scale aircraft, gliders,

 musical instrument construction or any project that requires strength, rigidity and lightness.


Features of Carbon fiber bars

1. Good mechanical capacity, low weight, high strength, high modulus, good durability.

2.  Anti-corrosion, anti- pressure, anti-high temperature, anti-aging, anti- static, anti-deformation flame retaedance, UV resistance.

3. Stable floatage

4. Excellent moulding technology

5. Appearance : beauty and smoothly 

Packing and shipping

1. Economic Packing desgin which will save your transportation cost.

2. Suitable packing material ( Non fumigaion ) and beautiful package workmanship which will well protect the goods and avoid any trouble when you pick up the goods from the local customs.

3. The  samples shipped by international express & the mass production insulator shipped by sea or air. 

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