Our products include epoxy resin FRP/GRP pultrusion rods ( round,square,threaded,customer shaped), all-thread FRP rebar, FRP rockbolt,FRP tube,foam filled tube for live line tools,FRP ladder,fiberglass hot sticks, fiberglass duct rodder,etc. Power products include composite suspension insulator,composite tension insulator,composite post insulator, railway insulator, section insulators used on electrified railway catenary,lightning arresters,dry type wall-through bushing, loop insulator,etc.
Corrosion resistance: FRP pultrusion grille has excellent corrosion resistance performance, different levels of acid, alkali, organic solvents and salt, and many other corrosion of gas and liquid medium, because of its rich resin on the surface of a molded grating is low, so the molded grating is slightly worse than its decay resistance performance. According to the practical application requirements, can choose to use economically o-type, between benzene, vinyl resin base material. Light weight, high strength, FRP pultrusion grille is will and continuous glass fiber mat, such as surface mat reinforced material by the pultrusion resin infiltration heat. High glass fiber content (60%) makes it a one-way than intensity and stiffness is quite prominent. Oxygen index of flame retardant: general FRP pultrusion gridiron over 33, the flame propagation rate (according to ASTM E - 84 testing) <...
Xian KIG Technology Co., Ltd was set up in 2010  in ancient Xi’an city. It is a high- tech enterprise and devotes itself to the technological development, production,  sales and service of composite materials, FRP products and other kinds used in  transmission,distribution line, factory,railway,etc. We have another fact...
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